Bailiwyck Community Homeowners Association is a volunteer run, self managed HOA.   
If you need information regarding our neighborhood or if you need information for a closing, please "Contact Us" via the tab on the left.
Residents - Please login and refer to the Resources page for answers to most common questions/concerns. If you need a login or have forgotten your password, please email BOD@Bailiwyck.com.
News about news
Posted on Jan 2nd, 2020
One shortcoming of the web site is that it's not possible to subscribe to get notifications for news articles (and events). To make this all work better, a message board called "News Alerts" has been created. We recommend everyone "subscribe" to this message board to receive alerts from the Board and your neighbors.
Web site access and info
Posted on Dec 31st, 2019
The Bailiwyck Yahoo group was retired as of December 31, 2016, as we now rely on our web site to disseminate information regarding the subdivision, both public and private. Please register to ensure you have access to all the info. Please email BOD@Bailiwyck.com to request access.  You will need to provide an email address for access, preferably one per adult in the household.  The website does not allow for shared email access.
Debris on HOA property
Posted on Nov 7th, 2019
Please keep our neighborhood clean and be respectful of others. We understand that it is often not easy to get rid of natural debris, however, there is no excuse for dumping any kind of debris on community property or the few vacant lots in the community.
This includes blowing your leaves into the ponds, onto vacant lots or common area property.  The Board has scheduled a neighborhood yard waste pick up on December 2 to accommodate disposal of leaves etc. this fall.  Dumping commonly occurs by the entrance to the nature preserve on Cranborne Chase and between the bushes on the Pleasant Road berm.
This illegal dumping is costing everyone money to have it cleaned up and will not be tolerated. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the York Co. Sheriff's Office if they see someone dumping debris.
On Street Parking
Posted on Jan 16th, 2019
Just a reminder - the covenants require every every homeowner provide adequate off street parking for their vehicles, and overnight parking on the streets is prohibited.
Please be advised that the Board has received numerous complaints and will be stepping up enforcement of the covenants. Board members will resume making rounds now that the holidays are over. Cars in violation will receive a warning letter, and will be logged. Repeat offenders will be issued $25 fines (per occurrence) if they continue to park on the street overnight.  The clubhouse parking lot is available for occasional overflow parking with permission from the BOD.  Please email BOD@Bailwyck.com if you need this facility.

Upcoming Events
Children's Christmas Party
Sunday, December 5th, 2:30-4:30 at Clubhouse
Cookie decorating and Christmas movie will begin at 2:30. Santa will be making an appearance for pictures at 3:45. He will be available for 45 minutes. Please plan accordingly as he will be leaving promtly at 4:30.
We will also be collecting our food donations for Fort Mill Care Center. Please drop off donations between 2:30 and 4:30 on Sunday. Our volunteers will collect and then deliver to FMCC on Monday. Food list will be sent out to the neighborhood the week of Thanksgiving. If you need to make other drop off arrangements, email kerri, kerriduckett@gmail.com
Fall Yard Waste Pickup
Monday, December 6th
It's that time of year again! We have hired Superior Landscaping to remove your natural yard waste on Monday December 6th as follows:
  • Placed curbside in front of your house. Please do not hinder traffic or the mail man!
  • Leaves and small items must be bagged (max 10 bags and max 39-gallon size). Leaves can be put in leaf bags but other material should go in heavier “contractor-grade” bags (1.2 mil thick).
  • All limbs or trimmings must be bundled to a maximum of 4 ft. long. Max. 3 bundles. Bundles must be able to be handled by one person.
EXCEPTIONS:   To be fair to all and keep costs manageable, the following items cannot be accepted:
  • Non-yard waste items.
  • Tree stumps, logs, or branches larger than 3” in diameter.
  • Concrete, plastic, or metal material (these items should go to the Baxter/York Trash Center on Hwy 160).
  • Excess items will NOT be picked up and will be left at the curb. 
  • Do not try to be helpful by combining piles with your neighbors. Leave items in front of your own home because we will monitor and count how many homes are participating.
  • In a prior year the contractor came around a second day due to the amount of debris and also rain. He reported that a good deal more stuff was put out the second day. Please do not count on this and make sure your debris is out there by early morning on Dec. 6. There will only be one pass made so don't miss out.
The contractor is being paid by the hour and we are implementing these requirements to reduce costs and make the program as equitable to everyone as possible.
For larger load removal, call Walt at Superior Landscaping (704-631-8830) prior to Dec. 7th and he can provide a cost estimate.
Ladies Ornament Exchange
Wednesday, December 15th, 7 p.m. at Bailiwyck Clubhouse
Save the date!  More details to follow.

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