Do you need a place to have a party too big for your house or a business social event away from your office?
The Bailiwyck clubhouse is the perfect place. Call Joan Brady at 803-547-6038 or 803-322-2878.
To reserve the clubhouse we will need the following:
1. A signed Usage Agreement.
2. A PERSONAL check for the rental fee of $120/day.
3. A separate damage deposit check for $150.
Clubhouse address: 610 Portpatrick Pl, Fort Mill, SC 29708
Clubhouse phone: 803-802-2003
Upcoming Reserved Date
Feb. 17,  2018  Clubhouse Rental - Private Party
Mar. 3, 2018.   Clubhouse Rental- Private Party
May 12, 2018  Clubhouse Rental- Private Party 
May 27, 2018  Clubhouse Rental - Private Party
June 9, 2018   Clubhouse Rental- Private Party
Oct. 5, 2018    Clubhouse Rental - Private Party