The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for overseeing the overall appearance of our neighborhood in accordance with our Covenants and Restrictions. Remember: All exterior changes or new construction must have prior approval!
Overview of the Bailiwyck Covenants and Restrictions
Below is a list of the key items set forth in the Bailiwyck Covenants and Restrictions that require approval of the Bailiwyck Architectural Review Committee prior to changes being made on your property. Please submit your request to using this form.
Please contact the ARC if you would like to:
  • Change the color of your house, trim, shutters, roof, etc.
  • Add an addition to your house, such as a room, garage, or deck (or expand a deck), etc.
    • Outbuildings, sheds and temporary structures are not permitted in Bailiwyck with the only exception being a pool house.
    • The building materials approved for use in Bailiwyck include brick, stone, hard stucco, wood, and fiber cement siding (aka HardiePlank). Aluminum is permitted in very limited applications. Vinyl siding is not permitted in Bailiwyck. 
    • Temporary structures including but not limited to tent like or canopy like structures are not permitted for use except for single day, or with written permission from ARC for a special event not lasting more than 48 hours.
  • Install a fence. Only brick or metal (wrought iron or aluminum) are permitted with the following exceptions:
    • Privacy fences for in-ground swimming pools and garbage can corrals, which can be wooden.
    • Maximum permitted height is six feet.
    • Existing non-compliant fences must be replaced with compliant fences when they have reached their end-of-life.  
    • All fences must be maintained in compliance with the Bailiwyck C&R’s and ARC rules.
  • Add or change any hardscape on your property including patios, driveway expansions, retaining walls, etc. Wood retaining walls are no longer permitted in Bailiwyck. If you currently have a wood retaining wall on your property, it must be replaced with a masonry product when needed.
  • Remove any tree larger than 6 inches in diameter and located more than 10 feet from your house. You are free to use any contractor but when requesting removal please provide ARC with:
    • A full description (preferably arborist diagnosis) of the problem
    • The location of the trees relative to the footprint of your home and neighbors’ homes. Pictures would be helpful.
    • Diameter and height of tree
    • Plans for tree and stump removal
    • A description of any type and size of planned replacement tree.
  • Alternative Energy Policy
When submitting your building or project plans to the ARC for review please include blueprints or detailed building plans, a plot plan (if available), and a drawing of how your addition or project will fit on your property. Also please supply samples and/or brochures of all building materials and paint colors you would like to use.
Additional by-laws and restrictions overseen by the ARC:
  • The exterior storage of boats, utility trailers, motor homes (RVs), jet skis (and similar equipment), tractors, stored or broken down or wrecked vehicles, trucks (excluding pickup trucks) and any non-passenger vehicle or equipment is not permitted in Bailiwyck. Please store any of the aforementioned items in your garage or outside of the Bailiwyck neighborhood. Note: Please alert the ARC if you own a boat, trailer or RV that will be on your property for a short period of time while in transition or for maintenance or repair.
  • Free-standing flag poles are prohibited.
  • Trash bins and/or recycling bins must not be visible from the street or your neighbor’s property. Please store your trash bin and/or recycling bin in your garage or in a fashion that is not visible from the street or your neighbor’s property.
  • All residents and/or property owners of Bailiwyck are required to maintain their properties in a clean and esthetically pleasing manner. Lawns must be regularly mowed and maintained; weeds must be removed; and lawn mowers, outdoor grills, landscaping equipment/supplies, etc., are to be properly stored when not in use.
  • Only wooden children’s play-sets are permitted in Bailiwyck. Metal and/or plastic play-sets are not permitted in Bailiwyck.
  • Signs:
    • No business or commercial signs are allowed except for Real Estate for sale signs, contractor signs during active construction and small security company signs when active subscriptions are in place.
    • Signs promoting political candidates or issues are limited to one per residence and no greater than 15 square feet in area.  They may be posted no sooner than 30 days prior to the election and must be removed within 24 hours of the closing of the polls.
    • No sign of any sort may exceed 15 square feet in area.
  • Outdoor Lighting Guidelines:
    • Any outdoor lighting systems (temporary or permanent), including extensions to existing systems must be submitted to, and approved by ARC prior to installation.
    • Only standard, residential, low-voltage or solar systems and fixtures are permitted.  Commercial/business systems and fixtures are prohibited.
    • Only neutral/white lighting or bulbs that match the existing color scheme of indoor lighting viewable from outside are allowed.  No colored, or color changing bulbs or fixtures are permitted except for temporary holiday lighting.
    • Rope lighting is specifically prohibited, except for temporary holiday lighting.
    • Holiday celebratory lighting is permitted from thirty days prior to the Holiday through 10 days after the Holiday.
Thank you for your help and consideration!
The Bailiwyck Architectural Review Committee