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Parking issues (Reposted from 2016)
Posted on Jan 16th, 2019

The board is somewhat flexible in that if you have gatherings it's not a big deal if cars are parked on the street for short periods of time as long as they do not impede traffic or emergency vehicles. Of course, the closer you live to the entrance typically means the higher risk you are of blocking traffic so please take that into account.
A reasonable amount of cars may be temporarily parked by the clubhouse so you can also consider this option. Please contact the board of directors in advance to get approval and to make the board aware.
Some homeowners are parking vehicles on the street on a regular basis and this is not acceptable. Expect much stricter enforcement to be coming soon so please consider this a warning before written warnings are delivered. The following may sound harsh but if you have more cars than what your garage and driveway support you should consider finding a home that is more suitable for your needs. Lack of space or needing to rearrange cars are not valid excuses to be in violation of the covenants.
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