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President's Report, by Bill Jacob
Posted on Nov 28th, 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you’re looking forward to the upcoming holidays! I’ve been a bit scarce as of late since I’ve spent a good deal of time out of town these past months but that should be changing. Hopefully I’ll see you out and about as I walk the neighborhood.
I focused much of my “Bailiwyck” time on Wildbrook Pond these past few months. While there are many improvements that can be made the reality is that funds are relatively short and none appear to be overly critical in terms of time. The Grounds committee is working to address these and the initial focus will be on water quality and restricting plant blooms during the hot months. We’re in the process of contracting with a pond management company to provide services to do that. Moving forward it’s clear we need to develop plans to keep the relatively shallow pond maintained so that it is deeper and therefore less susceptible t to problems. This includes working to control erosion in that area to help slow down the sediment that works its way into the pond.
The Bailiwyck Yahoo group will be retired on Dec. 31st as we continue to transition to our new web site. As of 11/24/16 we have 135 people who have signed in and that represents about 120 homes in our community of 203 homes. While I am not expecting everyone to jump on board, that is still a good bit less than I was hoping for. Please register to ensure you don’t miss out on info. If your email address was on file with us you should have received an email notification (check old email accounts if you switched email addresses). If we didn’t have an email address for you, written instructions were delivered. These Gazettes are quite time consuming and costly to produce so expect to see the publication frequency diminish, too, as time goes on.
A couple of updates about the web site:
  • Our published C&Rs were mostly typed copies and these were published on the old web site to make searching for things easier. However, legal professionals need the original copies. While the design will likely be changed in the future, for now the original copies are posted on the bottom of the public “About Us” page (although a couple still need to be found and/or scanned and will be up there as soon as possible). The other searchable files are still on the resident-only Documents page.
  • Be sure to check out the Resources page of the web site. It’s been updated with new committee info and the FAQ section will be further updated shortly.
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