Management Company Update, by Bill Jacob
Posted on Mar 1st, 2017

We had two HOA management companies come in and give presentations to the board about the services they provide and their fee structures. We are in the process of identifying a third company and will engage them at some point the near future but I think at this time we have a good general idea of what options we have and what the approximate costs will be. Unfortunately it is not a cut-clear scenario since pricing structures vary greatly from all inclusive to a much smaller base cost and then pay-as-you-go. For the most part we can pick and choose what type of services we wish to outsource.
At this point in time it seems pretty clear that we do not have sufficient operating funds to go this route this year and the absolute earliest we could make a major change like this would be in January 2018. This would clearly necessitate another dues increase (about 10%).
In the meantime we are working with various contractors to try to improve on the services they provide. We are also investigating other options, such as hiring a separate contractor/handyman to come on site regularly (weekly?) to make the rounds to ensure that everything is as it should be, report back to us, and ideally take care of the oversight and smaller things that fall between the responsibility of our regular contractors.
Overall, we are far from making any recommendations or decisions but I did want to let everyone know that we are continuing to work on the big picture of your HOA operations and management.
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