President's Report, by Bill Jacob
Posted on Mar 1st, 2017

I wrote up a couple of separate articles on our new street signs and the board's evaluation of HOA operations/management so I won't repeat that info here. Please check them out.
A couple of months ago we planted new holly bushes along Bailiwyck Green by the entrance. We do not own the Leyland Cypress trees along there and since they seem to be dying out the Grounds committee and board thought it best to take control of that situation by planting on our property so that going forward we can ensure a barrier between our neighborhood and the business park next door. In addition to the 35 hollies up front, we also planted seven new hollies between some gaps between the cypress trees further back (the school paid for those seven).
It sounds like we have an opportunity to get free internet wireless service for the clubhouse and pool area and hopefully we can get that up and running before the pool season opens.
We purchased and installed five new exterior LED light fixtures for the clubhouse to give it a more updated look and replace the heavily rusted lights on the pool side.
We published all of our HOA-related fees in one place and you can now see them on the Financials page of the web site.
A big thank you to whoever initially cleared the road of the tree that fell across the entrance to Cranborne this past weekend. I cut up the rest of it but someone also beat me to coming back to clean up the branches and debris from that area, too. Again, thank you!
And now on to the less pleasant topics...
Sadly, residents still seem to continue to dump natural waste debris on common areas. I've seen new piles along the access trail on the HOA lot (by Wildbrook Pond) and also on the nature trail that are apparently coming from homes on Portpatrick. Again, please find a more responsible way to dispose of branches, etc. It's typically pretty easy to match up branches to nearby homes so we are often sure we know who you are :) Feel free to contact the board if you need disposal recommendations.
Overall, we have received some complaints about the general appearance of some yards in the neighborhood. For those who may not know, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for overseeing yard up-keep and they do engage owners with sub par yards. However, they do not proactively police the neighborhood so if you see an issue that you feel is not acceptable based on our covenants please bring it to ARC's attention and they will follow up.
In December I made a few late-night rounds and left notices on cars about our restriction on no overnight street parking. Since then it seems the issues have subsided. I haven't been around lately but will be making rounds again. Please be aware that all incidents are being logged and repeat offenders will be issued a fine after being notified of the issue.
Due to the warm weather, unwanted growth in Wildbrook Pond is already happening and we're engaging a pond management company this year to address that issue. In the next few weeks they will also be replacing the existing fountain with a new bubbler that will add more oxygen to the relatively shallow water. In an effort to head off complaints, we understand the fountain is likely more desirable but we heeded expert advice and prioritized function over aesthetics in order to help maintain a healthier pond.
There's probably more updates I should be covering but for the sake of brevity I'll stop here and add news articles as we go. Oh, one more note just to avoid confusion... I previously created the News Alerts message board on the web site so everyone can subscribe and get email notifications when new articles are published. I'm skipping that for right now since we are publishing these in a Gazette but future new articles between Gazette cycles will be posted on the message board.
Now I guess I need to end this on a more pleasant note. Sooo... It's SPRING!
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