Residents, welcome to our new web site!
Posted on Jul 25th, 2016

By Bill Jacob, Communications Director (and web site admin)
Logon information will be coming to you in the mail shortly so PLEASE do not try to logon or create an account. Accounts have already been created for everyone and the necessary information will be provided to you along with further instructions.
There are many new features to explore on our new web site and we hope you make use of them. Some highlights:
User Accounts/Profiles: The top half of the menu is fully open to the public and the bottom half of the menu is for members only. The site supports page-specific permissions, so, for example, the clubhouse committee can directly update the clubhouse page themselves. Once you are provided with your username you can change the account name to one of your choosing but we encourage you to use your email address. Please be sure to add an email address to your account since it's important for various features.
While the vast majority of residents probably don't need to know this, let me explain a bit about the architecture since it may make things more clear. Every address/home/lot in Bailiwyck has been entered as a "Property." Each member account must be assigned to one property. Email addresses must be unique across user accounts, so if two people use a shared email address it can only be used with the primary account for the home.
User accounts support three "levels" of users and the system we are using is as follows: Level 1 is the primary owner and contact (please be sure to have this person's phone and email information entered to ensure you receive future communication, especially via email). Level 2 is the secondary resident. Level 3 are renters, caregivers, or power-of-attorney scenarios (relatively rare). If you have adult children living at home, feel free to have them create an account and associate it with your home as a Level 2.
If you see an "Address" field in your profile, this is NOT specifying your linked "Property," this is your mailing address and can be edited if you use a different mailing address. Unfortunately this field name cannot be changed to make it more clear.
There is an option to allow people to register new accounts, however, I temporarily disabled this option for now to streamline the process of getting people logged on with the existing accounts that have been set up. For the first month or so we will operate with the fixed set of accounts. If you have an important reason to add a new user to your property right now, please contact me and I can do it. Otherwise, please wait a bit and the feature will be turned on shortly.
News articles: Get the latest updates right on the home page!
Event listings: Stay on top of upcoming events right on the home page!
Email blasting: The board can easily send out emails to all members for dues notices, unexpected pool closures, etc.  Again, please be sure your email address is entered and up-to-date to ensure you get communications.
Message boards: You can select which message boards to subscribe to and you will get an email notification when posts are made on a board you subscribed to. You cannot directly reply to the email but the email contains a link to the message board so you can click the link and reply on the message board itself. I would encourage everyone to subscribe to the "General" board and then any others you may be interested in.
Classifieds: Your new place to list things for sale. No more waiting on the next publication of the Gazette!
Business Directory: Provides a place to check if you need a recommended contractor.
I think this covers the main points for now, but if you have any further questions or problems please contact me at
Comment By: Thomas Janzen
Posted on Aug 3, 2016

Very nice work, Bill. This is very sophisticated but easy to access and use. Your hard work paid off and this new website will be a resource we use frequently.

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