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President's Report, by Bill Jacob
Posted on Sep 8th, 2016

Many thanks to George Ellis for serving as board president and for his years of service on the grounds committee, which he still chairs -- although he claims it's "acting chair" :)
The full board met on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and decided to continue meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. The officers for 2016-17 are as follows:
Bill Jacob, President
Dean Cullon, Vice President
Sheilah Reuille, Treasurer
Ken Kamke, Secretary
This information was updated on the Resources page of our web site, along with the other committees/areas each board member is responsible for overseeing. The only other important action the board took at our meeting was to reject the requested sale of three acres of the nature preserve that was deeded over to Nation Ford Land Trust a while back. Unless we hear otherwise, we consider this matter closed.
While it should be transparent, our email service provider was also switched over late in August so we now have new email groups (AKA distribution lists, aliases, etc.) to use for "" and "" are still in effect and the following have been added so you can easily contact each of these committees:
There is also a new "Financials" page on the web site and a couple of financial documents are available up there now. The plan is to post updates every quarter so you can see where we are at budget-wise.
Only 15 people have subscribed to the "General" message board on the web site (compared to about 130 people registered on the Yahoo Group). This saddens me and I'm sure most of you don't want me to stay sad for long. As a reminder, by default you are not registered for any message boards and the administrator cannot enroll people. This means you need to go to the Message Boards page on the web site and then click the "My Subscriptions" link. On that page you can select exactly which message boards you want to subscribe to (get emails for). At a minimum, please register for the "General" message board. Also, if you have any suggestions for additional message board topics, please let me know.
Be sure to check out the events listed on the home page of the web site. Adopt-a-Highway is coming up on Sept. 17th and the fall yard sale is scheduled for Oct. 15.
The new LED entrance lights are scheduled to be installed on Monday, Sept. 12 or Tuesday, Sept. 13 so look for that improvement once it's complete. Thanks to Reed Baker for heading up this project! Also, the Pleasant Road berm just underwent a major rehab and I hope you agree it looks great!
Given the popularity of fire pits and 'tis the season coming up, it occurred to me that we should set up a "firewood exchange” so that people who have firewood available can contact neighbors who are interested in picking it up. If you are interested in getting firewood you can post a classified ad on the web site so people know who to contact. Please set the category to "Firewood Wanted" so all of those ads are grouped together. Of course, feel free to post anything else you have for sale.
That's all for now, hope everyone enjoys the upcoming fall weather!
Bill Jacob
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